1. We respect and promote the Constitution of the United States of America as the highest authority in the land. 

  • We emphasize a particular focus on restoring and strengthening the Bill of Rights.
  • We believe that any interpretation of the Constitution should favor the states’ rights over the federal government, and the individuals’ rights over the state, so long as there is no tangible and demonstrable harm against another citizen.


For example:

  1.  Freedom of speech means all constitutionally legal speech and thought should be equally protected, or none should be protected at all. There is no room in a constitutional society for certain criminal acts to be punished more harshly due to the perceived motivation. As well, public debate cannot continue to be stifled by the dominant political atmosphere, nor threats of violence, if we are to hold true to our founding principles.
  2.  The right to bear arms shall not be infringed for any law abiding citizen.
  3. We believe that the search of any person or their property without a warrant is unconstitutional and any seizure of property without a conviction is theft.
  4. We believe that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” Our federal government is operating in direct defiance of this, the 10th amendment, and has been for over a century. Taking more and more power for itself at every turn.Violations of the points listed above (Taken from the Bill of Rights) amount to treason by our elected officials and law enforcement. We support all Constitutional law enforcement officials and elected officials just as enthusiastically as we oppose all who are not working to operate within the confines of the Constitution.

    2. We are Nationalists. 

  • We put the welfare and safety of our own nation first.
  • We are against any form of foreign aid (About 40 billion a year at the time of this writing) and/or foreign intervention (Our military budget is about 600 billion a year) that is not undertaken for the express and obvious mission of benefiting American citizens.
  • We oppose U.S. backed regime change and nation building in other countries.
  • We oppose illegal immigration and support harsh penalties for the willful violation of our borders.
  • We oppose all forms of communism and socialism and believe that our representative republican system of government is the greatest on Earth and that our forefathers were wise and enlightened men who created the greatest social experiment that has ever existed.
  • The liberties, rights, and freedoms we seek apply to United States citizens only. They don’t extend past our borders. We encourage citizens of all other nations to work for them in their own countries.

  3. We believe in the Libertarian principle that a free citizen should be able to do whatever they like as long as they are not hurting anyone else. 

  • Discipline and the law were created within societies to secure freedom, not to hinder it.
  • Your person and your property should be protected by the law. Not your feelings. Not your preferences. Not your beliefs.
  • The best way to receive liberty is to give it.

   4. We believe that the most promising path to restoring America to a strong, functional, and free society is to spread these principles and promote them to every citizen of the United States. 

  • We do this without regard to race, religion, culture, or previous political affiliation.
  • At the same time we unapologetically oppose any culture, political philosophy, or religious expression which is not congruent with these principles.
  • We believe in equality of opportunity, but not forced equality in outcomes.
  • We also believe that the opportunity for inclusion in the promotion of these principles is no more important than the freedom of association that is inherently protected within them.
  • In simpler terms we believe that most efficient way to implement the culture embodied in these pillars, within our modern multicultural society, is for the people who choose to embrace them to do so with mutual respect and support for all who stand beside them. Never forgetting the traits and preferences that make us who we are, but simply compartmentalizing them behind these principles that we have chosen to prioritize.

20 thoughts on “Platform

    1. I 100% agree to these pillars. I honestly have my entire adult life. I want to learn more about The American Guard and work towards becoming a member.


  1. I have read over the 4 pillars several times now to familiarize myself and to have a better understanding and to educate myself with the American Guard and what they stand for and represent. I can honestly say that I am in agreement with and support the American Guard. I look forward to learning more about AG and maybe becoming apart of the American Guard.

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  2. Any thoughts of the 1,400 years of Islamic conquest and the current uptick of Islamic invasion of Western countries that is causing mayhem and harm to Western people? Any thoughts about countering the Moslem incursions that spell doom to whatever society and country they invade and conquer?


  3. I don’t understand why the SPLC has labeled your organization as a general hate group you guys remind me of the Proud Boys in sense trying to keep America safe for the American citizens that have both worked to be here and where born and raised here regardless of race, religion, culture or political ideology. To label this Organization as a hate group is a very poor decision made by the SPLC as there are many real hate groups that the SPLC does not recognize (such as ANTIFA) on their website, you people are doing a great service for the American people who still love their country such as I.The American Guard to me is a organization full of people who are filled with the American spirit which many Leftist lack in today’s society.

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  4. I wanted to gain a better understanding of what your organization stands for, so I decided to visit your site; I learned a lot. Thanks!


  5. I’ve read your platform and am honestly puzzled as to why the SPLC and other Leftist organizations consider you a “hate” or “fascist” group. If anything, you’re a love group–love for your country! What is wrong with that? Fascism is historically defined as totalitarianism, originated in leftist–not conservative–currents, and necessitates a giant state apparatus, e.g. Mussolini’s Italy. What the American Guard stands for, in stark contrast, is very limited government. That would make the AG the real anti-fascist group and “Antifa” the fake antifascist group!

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  6. How can ANY red-blooded, deep-rooted, “TRUE” American agree with each and every one of these principles. Free thinkers and non-conforming citizens scare the crap out of career politicians. It’s definitely time for a change!


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