HATERWATCH UPDATE – SPLC Goes Anti-Semite, Dees Reaches “Full Derp”

America’s biggest hate profiteer has run out of racist boogeymen. Deposits to offshore accounts slow down, so in desperation they invent a new form of hate.

The first targets? The American Guard And A Jewish convert to Christianity.

Forced to admit the American Guard is not a racist group, the SPLC invented a new term, “General Hate”, and slandered us, along with a Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity.

“Brother Nathaniel” has a page called “Real Jew News”. His birth name is Milton Kapner. He is critical of his former religion as most converts to any religion, but even the SPLC realized the anti-Semite smear would be absurd.

So the SPLC invented a new epithet and slandered him to become the anti-Semites themselves.

You cannot make this stuff up America.

By: Ryan Ramsey

I am going to tell you an amazing story.

I spent the years from 1993 to 2008 or so in a shadowy world of white power skinheads, which began when I was assaulted for my skin color as a young man by illegal immigrants in Los Angeles, fueled by Marxist propaganda. My white liberal teachers looked the other way. When I joined the Navy I had freshly healed orbital bones. They were shattered and my skull fractured during a decade that saw 2000+ murders annually in Los Angeles. Only 40% were ever solved.

In 2008 I began to realize we were being pitted against each other by the left. Is Hillary Clinton my Ally because she is white? Thomas Sowell my adversary? I could no longer keep up a facade.

I was not alone. Prominent leaders of some of the far rights biggest groups were also thinking the same thing. We didn’t hide, we told our groups the way we felt and they were surprisingly cool about it. Subsequently they all started following us.

In 2010 I made my first appearance in the Florida Senate. We passed landmark legislation that was used to sue Andrew Gillum for violating the gun rights of Floridians. Florida Carry has over 20,000 members today.

I went to a larger set of issues and am currently serving my 3rd term in state leadership for the Libertarian Party of Florida, where I am tied for 2nd in number of elected officials in my region.

For those unaware, we believe the government should not bother anyone unless they harm another person or damage their property. We don’t want them in your bedroom or your gun safe, and oppose white supremacist policies like affirmative action. We pledge an oath to the non aggression principle, which states we oppose initiating force for social or political goals.

Many of these men who made public rejections of racism and violence joined with Americans from coast to coast to found the American Guard. Our founding documents allow membership for people of any race, male or female, gay or straight.

The SPLC gave us an award right?

No, they launched a smear campaign against the American Guard, and sent operatives to the Libertarian Party of Florida to destroy me.

They failed, and now they have destroyed themselves and their credibility forever, along with their sister group that defamed us, the ironically named “ADL”.

They even turned a public ejection of a member for being to cozy with racist elements into an attack.

By abandoning racism and violence we threatened one of the largest scams in American history.

Now they are being sued by Gavin McInnis for slandering a group he founded with similar principles.

I expect further suits and call on the ABI and the FBI to investigate their interference in my peaceful political activity, their collusion with foreign governments against citizens, and their likely illegal abuse of 501c3 status and offshore accounts.

Here is the amazing story of a racket that cannot be denied. They have tried to ruin the lives and render unemployable members of the American Guard in nearly 40 states. Why?

Because I joined with some other Americans to abandon hate and violence. It is not contradictory once you realize they are a Marxist Slander operation headed by one of the worst humans in the country, who profiteers of hate and will destroy the lives of people who threaten his fear mongering money machine.

Reporting for duty.

What the hell is really going on here? Follow the money.

Race Pimping Child Molester Morris Dees was feeling pretty smug not too long ago.

Somehow he had achieved credibility, despite his cofounder leaving and declaring that from the beginning the group was about profits, not stopping hate. He started a real charity you may have heard of, called “Habitat For Humanity”.

He sat on the sidelines during the actual civil rights movement during the 1960’s. Rather than March with the Freedom Riders he perfected his direct marketing skills to get rich, plus, those fire hoses might knock the dildo out of his hand while he was sneaking in on young girls.

His divorce documents from 1979 are a tale of dildoed stepdaughters and beaten wives. The divorce documents read like a caricature of the inbred Klansman he supposedly hated who made a wrong turn on pornhub. They say we often hate what we most resemble.

The United States is by far one of the most charitable nations on earth. A cursory look at the political class in DC will also show we are a bit too trusting and naive, and Dees was able to convince people to “Hate Hate” and pour out their hearts and wallets to his great “scam in Birmingham”.

His 501c3 “charity”, which he ironically calls a “poverty law center”, fear mongered its way into amassing an incredible fortune approaching $400 million dollars, possibly larger.

It is hard to determine if there is not even more, since the group has at least $90 million in the Cayman Islands and other offshore interests, where drug dealers and dictators hide the profits of their crimes as well.

Allegations the money went to foreign governments were never substantiated because the left wing slander machine has board members on ICANN, allowing broad censorship and control of the internet. They also help Facebook create those “Community Standards”, used recently to ban the AG’s National Spokesperson for her wedding picture, in pure spite.

Dees troubles began in the 90’s when mainstream news outlets began exposing the hate huckster. The FBI dropped the SPLC and fellow race pimps the ADL, after deeming them no longer credible.

Mainstream publications like Harper’s and Politico joined the voices calling BS. As the supply of hate dried up and America worked out our differences the SPLC began targeting Christians, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, and any other group that threatened Marxism’s advance.

The SPLC even became official terrorists, inspiring both the DC shooter and the shooter who attacked the Family Research Center.

The death of the Marxist slander operation is something I played a critical role in as did many in the AG leadership. By f

I won’t speak for anyone besides myself, but the simplest way I explain it to people is one day I realized all my enemies are white leftists like Morris Dees, who is the undisputed master of fomenting racial strife. Replacing class war with racial division was a strategy devised in the 1920’s. 80% of US millionaires are self made, so class war was not very marketable.

The white leftists who founded the NAACP and their frontman, Lenin impersonator W.E.B DuBois, could take the role of what Booker T. Washington called “problem profiteers” to new heights, which I wrote about in 2016.

Today Roger Stone now joins the call to pardon Garvey, which Obama refused to do because of Garvey’s ardent anti-Communism. He used to say the white capitalist was the best friend his people had, and that the best way to overcome racism was to produce valuable goods and services.

The irony that Dees had to become unimaginably rich being a white problem profiteer…. is not lost on the rest of us.

Now he arbitrarily created a new hate label for Jewish people and men who openly reject bigotry.

Game over. I rest my case.

If the FBI quit looking for Russian bots and did their job, maybe we could put Dees in prison where he belongs.

No dildos, he will presumably get to enjoy the real thing.

A win for him, a win for America.

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