American Guard Bus Ambushed

For Immediate Release The American Guard was present in Portland to stand against left wing domestic terrorism with a coalition of various patriots. After a peaceful demonstration, some of our personnel recieved a call for help. Members of some various allied organizations were stranded and facing an ambush situation. The American Guard had a busContinue reading American Guard Bus Ambushed

Portland- The Real Story

The American Guard National President’s update about the event tomorrow in Portland There is tons of press, and while a few news outlets are giving decent coverage, most are pushing the narrative written by the leftists occupying the city government, and refusing to show ANTIFA for what they really are, the modern day brownshirts ofContinue reading Portland- The Real Story

Press release concerning American Guard participation in the August 17th rally against antifa in Portland, Oregon

For immediate release: The American Guard will be sending members to Portland, Oregon this weekend to stand in solidarity with other patriot groups in the northwest. We are coming to Portland to stand against far-left antifa groups who have attacked and beaten citizens and journalists in the streets in an attempt to prevent freedom ofContinue reading Press release concerning American Guard participation in the August 17th rally against antifa in Portland, Oregon

Be a man

Life isn’t just about what you accomplish. It’s also about how you live it. The best way to look back and never have any regrets is to have a foundation that is constant. Something you can always fall back on. This is mine. Brien James – National President and founder A couple times when IContinue reading Be a man

Thoughts on Mass Random Violence

National President Brien James discusses the cowardice inherent in random violence, calls for people to retain their rights, and reaches out to encourage those disillusioned with censorship and marginalization by the left to choose the high road.

New Probate Profile

One of our new probates asked me if I would post up a testimonial she has written on why she decided to join the American Guard. I think she thought it might help other people who come from backgrounds not traditionally associated with being right wing or nationalist. Let’s be frank. She is a blackContinue reading New Probate Profile