Thoughts on Mass Random Violence

National President Brien James discusses the cowardice inherent in random violence, calls for people to retain their rights, and reaches out to encourage those disillusioned with censorship and marginalization by the left to choose the high road.

New Probate Profile

One of our new probates asked me if I would post up a testimonial she has written on why she decided to join the American Guard. I think she thought it might help other people who come from backgrounds not traditionally associated with being right wing or nationalist. Let’s be frank. She is a blackContinue reading New Probate Profile

Florida Launches #AGjustdidit

FLAG Community Service initiative now underway The Florida American Guard is launching a new community service initiative. State President Ryan Ramsey explains, and encourages all AG to participate. It does not have to be picking up a blighted park. It can be playing music for abandoned elderly people at a local home, feed some homelessContinue reading Florida Launches #AGjustdidit

AG yearly leadership conference takes place in the mountains of Idaho.

Some of the AG leadership recently came together for a conference in the beautiful mountains of Idaho. We discussed accomplishments, tactics, and goals for the coming year… while enjoying fishing, shooting, and all that this beautiful landscape has to offer. Since it’s creation just a couple of years ago the American Guard has grown toContinue reading AG yearly leadership conference takes place in the mountains of Idaho.