A few members from the American Guard Illinois attended a protest against drag queen story hour in STL

Members from the Illinois American Guard drive down to support local groups in St. Louis who came out to oppose child predators at the library drag queen story hour.

Christian activists and concerned citizens groups have been going out to these events across the country to try and bring public awareness to what is happening, and getting physically attacked by antifa and LGBT radicals for doing so. When AG comes out, the attacks at least go from physical to merely verbal. Or they just stand around and take photos.

Lets be clear. We don’t confuse what is going on here at these library drag queen events with the greater gay community. We have gay members. They don’t agree with these events any more than the rest of us. We respect any consenting adults rights to engage in whatever lifestyle that makes them happy. We do understand that there is a fringe element of LGBTQ activists that have been pushing the envelope for decades, and now that push is moving towards pedophilia.

We oppose any attempt by adults to set up public forums where they “educate” children about sexuality. Especially when they want to dress up in costumes that have traditionally been associated with highly sexualized “drag shows” while doing so. If you don’t want your kids subjected to things like the video below, get out into your community and take a stand. If you don’t know where to start, or are afraid to act on your own, contact the American Guard on this website.

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