Has 2020 seen anything more disturbing than the Ryan whitaker murder?

On the night of May 21st, Ryan Whitaker and his girlfriend heard a knock on his door. It was late, and he lives in an area where he felt that he needed to exercise caution, so he answered the door armed with a handgun. What he didn’t know (Because it was loud in his apartment, and police were responding to what basically amounted to a noise complaint) was that two uniformed police officers had just knocked on his door, announced themselves, and hidden out of view of his peep hole. As soon as he answers the door they shine a blinding flashlight in his eyes and start shouting orders at him. He attempts to comply and bends down to put his gun down. An officer shoots him in the back repeatedly. Murders him in front of his girlfriend in his own home. He never raised his weapon. The whole thing took seconds.

Here is the police cam video that they waited almost 2 months to release. I’ll warn you. Its hard to watch.

They detained his girlfriend and prevented her from even going to comfort her man as he laying dying and gurgling his last breaths. They rendered no aid. They showed no remorse. The callousness of the officer speaking is astonishing. They just murdered this woman’s partner in front of her and they discuss the incident like they just gave her a parking ticket.

When i first saw this story posted it was framed by someone in a right-wing chat in the context of “Why isn’t BLM protesting this one?” I don’t think that’s the direction we really want to go down with this issue. Its a valid question and it points out valid hypocrisy, but it accomplishes nothing and adds nothing to the conversation. Which seems to be the case with so many opinions and conversations right now. Id rather look for a solution so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I have to admit when i see things like this i get immediately furious. I put myself in that mans shoes. I imagine if my family had to watch me die like that. All because i was legally attempting to defend my home. Then i think about the callousness in that cops voice. I imagine him talking to my wife and daughters like that. I worry about what my sons would do and i worry that they might get gunned down too for their response. Honestly, my blood starts boiling. At this stage, even as angry as i am, I still can’t necessarily understand the leftists in our streets blocking traffic and tearing everything down, but i can at least empathize with some of the more sincerely grief-stricken people who are lashing out.

So the next question becomes why aren’t we raising hell for this man? Why aren’t we forcing this tyrannical system to fix itself? Its culture? We, the right-wing. The working class. The silent majority who has not found common cause (and probably never will) with the Marxists of antifa and the black supremacists of BLM. Why aren’t we doing anything when we see something like this happen?

I don’t have a perfect answer to that except to say it’s just not in our nature to act with aggression in the face of any threat until very late in the game, and when we do, we tend to go over board. The term right-wing looting/rioting squad doesn’t exist for the same reason term left-wing death squad doesn’t exist. That tells you all you need to know about what right-wing working class people do when they have finally had enough. I never thought i would see that time come. 2020 has made me question that. How much more abuse from all sides can we take?

I know it is in our nature to wait until all of the facts come out. To give the police some leeway for doing a difficult job. Having said that, i think we have all of the information here. We have video from start to finish of not only the incident, but the reaction as well. This cop is a cold-blooded murderer. No remorse whatsoever. No concern at all for the man he just murdered in his own home, or the mans partner who had to watch him bleed out and struggle for his lasts breath while being restrained. It’s a worst case scenario. People need to be held accountable. I say we start off doing things the way we always do. Withhold final judgement until its all over. Make calls and emails and make our feelings on this incident known. However we shouldn’t stop there.

Here is a link for the petition

Here is the contact page for the police chief of Phoenix

Here is contact info for the Governor of Arizona.


Also this story has received very little national media coverage. Email it out to everyone you can. Make it plain that these cops as well as the man who falsified the complaint need to be held accountable.

If none of these things bring about meaningful punishment for the cops involved, and the citizen who was willing to falsify the complaint, then we need to start asking ourselves if maybe these leftists on our city streets have it at least half right. The Marxism and the anti-american/anti-white stuff is nonsense of course… but isn’t the outrage they feel at some of the more egregious police shootings the same outrage we feel right now? When Ryan Whitaker can be shot in his own home for answering the door legally armed? Is it any different to be grief stricken and furious when Breonna Taylor was killed in a nearly identical scenario? I don’t like BLM and I hate antifa but i don’t think this is the time in our nations history when we should be giving the authorities a free pass either.

Maybe we need to be in the streets of Arizona?

Pleas message me through this site if you have information on this or want to help get justice for this man. You can also contact our Arizona chapter through the contact links.

Thank you,

Brien James

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