American guard defends southern california

The media has been vilifying patriot groups such as The American Guard and the Proud Boys for going out armed into our communities and attempting to defend them against rioting and looting. We have been deleted from social media apps. We have endured another round of “cancelling” where our access to online financial apps and platforms has been removed. Despite the fact that the American Guard is a multi-racial group and the Proud Boys is actually led by a black man, we have been recklessly labeled as “white supremacists” by the AP, and that story has been regurgitated by supposedly right wing media outlets such as FOX news.

Here is some video and some of the story of what happened when the SoCal chapter of the American Guard went to stand with members of the community in Huntington Beach, La Mesa, and Yucaipa California. Large scale destruction was avoided this day. Civil conversations between AG members and BLM supporters were eventually had, and at the end of the day one of our brothers returned the flag that he took from looters back to the fire dept.

The American Guard is here to defend the community. We are here to defend all communities. Prior to all of the rioting and looting we were very much in support of the George Floyd protests. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t sickened by what we saw in that video from Minneapolis. It was a mans life being slowly extinguished for absolutely no reason. However, we cannot stand behind looting, rioting, and violence against innocent people so we have also taken to the streets to stand against that.

Here is a video of the start of the demonstrations. Tensions were high at first but when everyone stands up for themselves, while also being open to hear the side of others, common ground can be found and major violence can be avoided.

As I said in my previous article about AG attending these protests, this is how typical conversations went all across the country when our members spoke with local black people who had come to protest George Floyds murder. There was initial tension in some cases. Then people stated their intentions and positions. Then there was some level of understanding. Personally I was not able to prevent the riots in Indianapolis. I tried. I saw black community leaders and clergy try. However, the numbers were just too large and influence of out of town agitators and antifa was just too strong.

Below is what to expect out of the more typical antifa types. Throwing things. Escalating to violence where they can. They have their white feminists trained to step in front and play the victim when people respond with aggression. These are the people who are ramping these things up. Fairly consistently. I’m not saying that urban communities who are upset about a seeminly endless string of police brutality aren’t capable of getting to the point of looting and destruction all on their own. It’s happened before. I’m saying that this time they are being directed and agitated and its for a purpose. It would serve everyone involved to identify these agitators and identify the purpose.

Antifa and BLM attempted to start a riot in La Mesa and took the American flag down off the fire dept. When local citizens came out to run them out of town one of the rioters dropped the flag in the street and an AG brother retrieved it.

He later returned it to the fire dept.

Infowars did a story on SoCal standing up for itself and interviewed one of our brothers here:

In general, the AG is recommending right wingers and patriots stay home at this point. We attempted to make a stand for our communities all over the country. We wanted to stand both with the George Floyd protesters and their cause, and against rioting, looting, and hurting innocent people. The media (including FOX) has vilified us and lied about us. We have seen law enforcement and government officials all over the country turn against patriots and side with the looters to try and earn points with the very people who want to see them jobless at the least… and more likely hanged. We have learned some lessons here. The cops, government, and other institutions in this country fear the left-wing mob. Their own fear and guilt has them looking for boogeymen on the right to offer up to appease this mob. Don’t give them anything to work with.

Good people will eventually stand up to this destruction. However, it will be very late in the game. Don’t go out early and do anything to play into this narrative that the left wants to create that right winger are amping this thing up. Stay safe in your own communities. Arm, train, and build networks of local people that you know in person. Let the law enforcement community who created this situation battle it out with the leftists, while simultaneously defending leftists, until their jobs are all done away with by those same leftists. Be prepared to lead when the time comes to save the country.

Brien James

3 thoughts on “American guard defends southern california

  1. I didnt want to believe it but yes, FOX News has joined the fake news media in labelling you and the PB as hate groups, smh


  2. Its no surprise Fox joined the Left…with the exception of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanniity… (who will both be cancelled before the election, despite MILLIONS of views. Fox was bought out by Disney last year and thus is controlled by Disney’s Communist Overlords. We all knew that would be the end of the last remaining Conservative Broadcast TV Network. Fears were originally met with the usual “conspiracy theory” deflection for Truth and that Fox News would not be affected ya sure…That wraps it Up for the “Ministry of Propaganda” …all broadcast Television Networks (and cable/ISP) are now owned and infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party.


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