American guard statement on the latest social media purge… And being blamed for these riots

The American Guard, the Proud Boys, and a few other allied groups have recently been purged from social media again. This is not the first time. However, they gave their reasons this time, which is a first. What that indicates to me is that they fear accountability for their actions is coming. The president is trying to crack down on them, and they are using groups like mine to test the waters. According to CNN, Facebook has reported to them that we were all removed for “Planning to bring weapons to protests”. According to the Associated Press, we have also been lumped in with white nationalist groups like Patriot Front, and publicly accused of creating the account Antifa used last week to threaten small rural communities. This is a dangerous and unsubstantiated allegation that could place my members in danger. We have sent demands to the media to remove these accusations. Here is the story about the purge.

We have been caught up in a larger narrative where the mainstream media as well as leftist politicians and influencers are trying to do anything they can to distract from the fact that Antifa has been caught sending people to city after city to inflame these riots and cause anarchy. CNN goes as far as to say it could find “no overt evidence that Antifa was involved” in the protests. This claim is absurd. It takes 10 minutes of digging for a laymen to figure out that Antifa is at these protests in most, if not all, of these major cities. There are minority leaders and community members calling them out online for it

Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll start off by helping CNN out. The white people at these riots dressed in all black, wearing masks, carrying backpacks, and acting like they have done this before…

That’s Antifa. Here’s 2 pictures of them I found with Antifa flags at the protests in about 10 seconds. Dig through the internet. You will see them in D.C. You can see them getting chased out of a neighborhood by Latin Kings in Chicago and Eastsider Mexican gangs in L.A. Its all out there. CNN has far more resources than I. I find it hard to believe they are simply not good at googling.

Even in the video they use where they deny Antifa presence, they show what appears to be several people in Antifa garb standing on a wall with their fists in the air while the city burns. The person with the skateboard in this screen shot certainly looks to have an Antifa hoodie on.

The fact of that matter is that CNN supports Antifa. The left wing of the Democratic party supports Antifa. These are their street soldiers. They are the tip of the spear in a plan that goes back 102 years to the Frankfurt School in Germany. A far-left plan to bring about a form of cultural Marxism through de-stabilization and the sowing of division. It took them a long time, but the plan is coming to fruition in front of our eyes. We are in the final stretch. Read up on what the Frankfurt school wanted. It will all sound eerily familiar and similar to what we are living through. Here is a brief explanation from a man in Britain. It’s a worldwide effort.

Do you feel de-stabilized? Do you feel divided? Why? Because some asshole cop killed a man during what should have been a routine misdemeanor investigation? Is what we are seeing a genuine and sensible response to that event?

I don’t think so. There are deeper forces at work here. I am not the only one that sees it. This is the attempted destruction of our country at the expense of ALL of us. Black and white. People on the ground have seen it and called it out firsthand.

I saw it firsthand in my city. Local black clergy trying to prevent out of town white Antifa from blocking traffic and encouraging young blacks to break into the city county building. Here is a screen shot from an Antifa group based in Bloomington Indiana posting specific instructions for rioters just a few hours ago.

CNN can’t find this? All of these officials saying they have no evidence of Antifa involvement can’t find this? I don’t think so. Not only do they not want to find it. They want to hide this information. To replace it. By blaming groups like mine.

You are damn right i went downtown armed. Members of the American Guard and groups like ours have been going out armed daily. Why? We wanted to show support for George Floyd because what happened in that video is sickening. Policing culture in America needs reformed . We support that cause. At the same time we went out armed because innocent people are getting beaten and killed, and people’s property is being burned and destroyed. It’s basically stupid to go out unarmed at this point. You face death from 2 sides at least. Overzealous agents of the state as well as overzealous rioters who apparently hate white people and conservatives. Here is a video about a guy who came out to support a protest and was attacked only because he had a MAGA hat on. The reporter seems to say he deserved it. I’m not going anywhere unarmed. You shouldn’t either.

It’s not illegal to walk around armed in Indiana. In all honesty we stayed downtown until we saw things were gonna go a bad way. 6 men and 1 woman open carrying AR-15s. People looked at us with suspicion. Many people came over and asked what our intentions were. We told them we wanted to show support for peaceful protests against police brutality and we hope to protect our city from looting and rioting. With only one exception, we were welcomed and accepted by the other protesters. Black citizens of my city thanked us, posed for pics with us, and welcomed us to stand with them. The only people in downtown Indianapolis (the city I have lived in or around my entire life) who tried to get us removed or attacked were a handful of white Antifa. These were Antifa that I have never seen or heard of around here, and I do keep tabs on them. They appeared to be out of town professionals who were trying to direct and escalate this protest. They were briefly challenged by what appeared to be older local black organizers, but the crowd was too large and soon chaos ensued.

They were unsuccessful having us removed or attacked. Only because we were armed. The Antifa tried to tell locals we were cops. They said we were racists. Anything to try and stir the crowd up. Had we not been visibly armed we would have most likely have been attacked by the mob. We stayed until the windows on the govt building broke and it was obvious there was going to be a riot. There weren’t enough of us to stop it. After we left… downtown was destroyed, dozens of people were arrested, and 5 people were shot. None of those people were shot by the cops. It was a shitshow. One that we had hoped to be able to prevent or at least minimize. We realized on the scene we could not, and we went home safely. One of those killed was a black man trying to defend his business. A college football player for IU who owns bars downtown. Out there for the same reasons I was. To defend his city. Here is a link to his story and many more.

We had AG members all over the country out attending protests armed. None of us ended up in armed confrontations. None of us shot anyone or provoked any violence. Yet amidst the tens of thousands of arrests, dozens of murders, and billions of dollars in ruined lives… these institutions such as CNN, Facebook, and Instagram see us as a violent threat?

No. They don’t.

Facebook is notorius for reporting to law enforcement. No cops have been to see me. I did nothing wrong. I caused no problems. This is a manufactured narrative. To lead people away from the truth. That is all.

In the coming days I will post up some pictures and videos of some of our other members and supporters around the country while we were out protecting our communites and showing support for police accountability. We are out there to find common ground and do what we think is right. As defenders.

You should all be doing the same.

If CNN wants to contact me feel free to email this site. I will talk with anyone.

Brien James

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