Understanding the Assault Against the AG Rescue Bus in Portland

In order to clarify the story regarding the ambush of an American Guard rescue bus in Portland, we are posting this.

The backstory in Portland is an important insight to the events of August 17, 2019, when a loose coalition of left wing terror groups know collectively as ANTIFA rioted in the streets and assaulted numerous innocent people, including an American Guard rescue bus we sent to the scene.

The problems in Portland began a couple years ago when left wing gangs in Portland began posturing that city was segregated, and right wing people were not allowed. From day one, the insinuations were that they would use force. They label everyone right of Stalin a Nazi, then wear “Punch a Nazi” t-shirts.

These groups are not annoying teenagers in their basement making noise on the internet. Terror groups like Rose City ANTIFA were implicated in the murder of a right wing musician, among other violent crimes spanning decades. The city is well known as a place where violence is common against anti-Communist Americans. Going back decades. Over the past 2 years they have brutally assaulted prayer groups and other Americans exercising their right to assemble and/or hold positions contrary to those of Marx and Engles.

The American Guard mission is focused on restoring the Bill of Rights. Free Speech is the First Amendment. While some of these rallies have been labeled as an excuse to fight, this one was a clear example of the city government in Portland failing to protect the equal rights of citizens.

There is also a much darker element in Portland. Many eyewitnesses and attendees to previous rallies have reported that the police seemed to allow the attacks and give preferential treatment to the leftist terror groups. These are disturbing reports. The idea of government forces being involved in violent suppression of free speech is the only actual fascist element present on the streets last weekend.

In a bolder move, one reminiscent of “Bloody Sunday” during the Armenian Genocide, The City of Portland and federal authorities rounded up patriots and liberty activists in the dark of night in the days before the rally.

If the state refuses to protect basic citizen rights The American Guard and allied groups will, it is at the core of our mission. After the round up and alleged police involvent, the mission added a second role in Portland, one of on-scene human rights observers.

We used a reinforced bus to get victims of any violence to safety brought on scene. It is a work in progress, and we obviously need to reinforce the door, as the video shows. The bus is a fairly recent addition and still under construction, but we needed to help these fellow Americans.

We recieved a distress call and some of our members answered it, taking the bus to rescue some people surrounded by a mob. They reported being under immediate threat of violence. The video tells the tale when The American Guard arrived, our bus is the black one.

One can easily imagine officials with the City of Portland, beginning to realize the extreme liability exposure they were facing.

ANTIFA responded to our successful rescue missions with arson and rioting all over with themselves, as the patriots were having dinner.

The property damage and injuries resulting from the mayors abuse of power by choosing sides with violent gangs in a political debate is damning.

Previously they refused to arrest ANTIFA combatants, but in a move that appears designed to save face, the police did arrest at least one assailant in the bus ambush.

We are continuing to fight for free speech in Portland and dicscussing options with our legal team.

2 thoughts on “Understanding the Assault Against the AG Rescue Bus in Portland

  1. Great information but what happened about the bus???? Just tell the story about the bus so readers can follow. Thanks


  2. Great job.Would love to be able to be on the front lines with ya anytime. Strength comes in numbers and in Michigan we have the numbers.Sighn me up….SKÄL


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