American Guard Bus Ambushed

For Immediate Release

The American Guard was present in Portland to stand against left wing domestic terrorism with a coalition of various patriots. After a peaceful demonstration, some of our personnel recieved a call for help. Members of some various allied organizations were stranded and facing an ambush situation.

The American Guard had a bus present and some of our members went to extract the allied demonstrators.

Armed elements of ANTIFA used a hammer and other weapons to attack us, and those we were rescuing. We defended ourselves with the minimum amount of force necessary, and safely extracted the citizens facing the ambush. We have a few minor injuries and some property damage, but everyone is now safe.

Video of the attack can be seen HERE and HERE on Twitter.

The American Guard  is consulting our attorney to find out what legal options are available to us against the City of Portland, and other parties responsible.


Press inquiries may be directed to:

Valerie Moody-

National Spokesperson, The American Guard

One thought on “American Guard Bus Ambushed

  1. Thank you. I knew you would handle the situation perfectly. We were a little worried, got to admit. Thanks again for your Patriotism and stand against these terrorists. Get home safe.


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