Press release concerning American Guard participation in the August 17th rally against antifa in Portland, Oregon

For immediate release:

The American Guard will be sending members to Portland, Oregon this weekend to stand in solidarity with other patriot groups in the northwest. We are coming to Portland to stand against far-left antifa groups who have attacked and beaten citizens and journalists in the streets in an attempt to prevent freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. We are going there in protest of a police force and city government that has stood by and watched these citizens be attacked. We are going there in protest of a media which continues to maliciously label multi-ethnic, constitutional, right wing groups as “white supremacists” in order to try and escalate violence and justify the abuse and marginalization of anyone who challenges their far-left narrative. We are going there in support of Andy Ngo, an Asian journalist who was attacked and injured by what the Portland establishment calls anti-fascists… for simply covering their tactics. The city has thus far failed to bring anyone to justice for his attack. This is the definition of fascism. Not a resistance to it.

We are not coming to this city looking to initiate violence. Our purpose is simply to show that we can come and be heard. To show that Americans can still come to an American city, and exercise their freedoms of speech and assembly, without being silenced and intimidated by violent far-left terrorists. We, in the American Guard, are citizens of all backgrounds, races, and walks of life. We are an organization dedicated to defense. Defense of our constitution. Defense of our country. Defense of the principles and freedoms that have made this country an example of excellence to mankind. We voluntarily place ourselves at great risk from far-left terrorists, as well as Portland’s obviously biased left-wing authorities, in order to defend these freedoms.

For public release.

Brien James – National President of the American Guard

Please direct press inquiries to our national spokesperson:

Valerie Moody

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