5 lessons for political effectiveness

5 lessons to help people get off their asses, out of the political fringes, and into meaningful activism.

1. Those calling for anarchy or totalitarianism usually have the least understanding of either, and are the least equipped to survive them.

2. Your refusal to acknowledge or participate in the administrative political machine doesn’t hinder it. It streamlines it for your adversaries.

3. Your children and your grandchildren won’t respect or remember the fact that you kept your head down, stayed out of trouble, and maintained a good reputation when they are living in a world with far greater hardships and far less freedom and opportunity than the one your ancestors left you. People remember and respect action. Not the comfort and security you protect through inaction. Our deeds are the only thing that can outlive us.

4. People are people, but stereotypes exist for a reason. Treat individuals with the respect they earn, but respect cultural and geographical differences when it comes to populations. Borders are often the dividing line between better and worse ideas.

5. Americans have always been radical centrists in the majority. This isn’t based on fear or apathy. It’s based on an internal cellular-level aversion to tyranny. It’s based on a subconscious decision, passed down to us in our genetic memory, to live and let live… if others allow us to. In the end, this sentiment has always ruled, and will most likely continue to rule the actions of the majority. Whoever pushes the farthest or the hardest against it, left or right, will always lose.

Save the Republic

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