The American Guard vs. P.C. Society




I’m not afraid to speak my mind, think what you want of me!

Just because you don’t like what I say doesn’t mean that I can’t speak!

This is my country, land of the free, and you need to show respect!

I don’t need some lowlife do-gooder telling me that he’s upset!

I can speak my mind and you can hate it But at least respect my right to say it This is America, show your pride My freedom of speech can’t be denied

But you get offended, by everything I say PC Society, just go the fuck away You get offended by everything I do PC Society, fuck you

You cry that we’re patriotic, your arguments, they have no logic You want respect for all mankind But you don’t want to let me speak my mind

You say injustice is what you fight And you’re only defending equal rights But it’s just not equal when I can’t say how I feel about the world today

You can call me what you want

But I have freedom of thought

I’m going to tell you how I feel PC Society: Get real!

Audio credit: The Wolverines – P.C. Society

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