AG- Facing Down True Fascism in Rhode Island

Video released by News2Share and on Twitter showed violent ANTIFA domestic terrorists assault free speech advocates, first with paint and then throwing urine. These attacks hit innocent bystanders including the press, and forced a defensive reaction by the liberty activists that gave attitude adjustments to the Communist scum.


A coalition of patriots including The American Guard from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and Resist Marxism faced an unruly mob, eventually brawling degenerate scum in a few incidents due to a lackluster effort by law enforcement to secure anyone’s rights.

We were more than happy to establish those rights ourselves, but it was a shameful performance by blue state LEO’s who appeared to side with the crowd that openly chanted anti-American slogans among their hate filled diatribes. Eventually, fearing more leftists being injured by the numerically smaller, but superior force of right wing populists, the rally was dispersed by authorities.


Great job by our American Guard in the NE, and thanks to all the allied groups that showed up to let the enemies of America know that Socialism, Fascism, and the suppression of free speech and assembly will not go unchallenged as long as we have one breath of life in our bodies. America First!


Footage of the clashes by News2Share:

Earlier footage of the beginning of what should have been a peaceful assembly of free speech advocates, also by News2Share:

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