Free Society and the Ethnostate

On the incompatibility of American greatness and ethno-Nationalism



This was initially published on a website called “The Sentinel”. It was later revealed in dumped chat logs that the publisher was part of an effort to convince us to change our view on the series of debacles known as “Unite the Right”, and the article was taken down because it did not support the federal government’s agenda.

May 16, 2018

By: Joshua Long, American Guard National Vice-President

Hello, Alt-Right. Im Joshua Long. Ive watched you rise from the masses, and step on to the national stage. A movement of American youth, frustrated with the condition of our Nation. Your use of wit, and modern means of electronic communication took our fight against communism, and cultural marxism, to a new front. Exposing, and destroying, the hypocrisy and weakness of the totalitarian Left. You were astonishingly effective at informational warfare. You had truth on your side, and the enemies of freedom were reeling from the attack. You were a faceless, nameless movement of satirical commie destruction. For a minute, or two, that is.

Somewhere along the line, some of you allowed yourselves to be subverted by unsound ideology, and fame-seeking demagouges. You bought in to ideologies that falsely promised an easy path to victory. You went for instant gratification, and forgot who you were. You forgot that your American ancestors were the baddest men to ever walk the earth, and discarded their legacy to follow booger-eating, mother humping nerds. Smarmy, socialist trust-fund pussies. Edge-lord sensationalists who led you down the path to self imposed marginalization. Divided your forces with opposing ideologies. Turned your concern for your Nation’s future into cults of personality, and popularity contests. Engaged in fratricidal, ideological warfare, while our enemies labored tirelessly to egg it on, and capitalize on your rhetoric to strengthen their own positions. Fought over which wanna-be tyrant had the best form of tyranny to offer, while giving the enemy a perfect boogeyman to rally against, and refresh their strength.  And then, those men betrayed you. Left you hanging. Destroyed your collective efforts with stupid words and selfish acts. I know how you feel. Ive been down that road before.

They taught you a few valuable lessons, if you have the wisdom to learn them… they taught you the basic danger of too much power in one mans hands. They taught you that movements are destroyed by religious, personal and ideological division. They taught you that race is not enough to hold a movement together, that race does not unite those of incongruent identities. That you cannot become collectivist tyrants, to fight tyrannical collectivists. That all men are fallable. And, that tyrants are tyrants, regardless of which end of the policital spectrum they claim to reside on.

Our Founders knew, very well, the same divisions that we face today. They witnessed, and were well read on, the effects of the countless, bloody divisions of Europe. The wars of identity and religion. The wars between tyrants, that spilled the blood of the common man to achieve the objectives of all-powerful rulers. Fresh, in their minds, were the deadly skirmishes between religious factions in the new world, that led to the banishment of the defeated into the savage-infested American wilderness.

They knew that the only way to stop these insane fratricidal conflicts, was to eliminate the significance of these divisions. They fought the most powerful nation on earth, to give us the gift of a civilization based on individual Liberty. The principle that all men could believe what they like, live how they wish, as long as they respected the right of others to do the same. They devoped a national identity that was based on the common defense of individual liberty. They turned a piece of paper into our ruler, an eternal defender of our natural rights. They did so, by gracing it with the wisdom learned from thousands of years of the trials, and errors, of European civilization.

That piece of paper was not subject to corruption. It was not subject to the temptations of wealth, power or human desire. The only way it would fail, is if future Americans lost their will to preserve it.  I quote Samuel Adams, from his famous 1776 address:

“From the day on which an accommodation takes place between England and America, on any other terms than as independent States, I shall date the ruin of this country. A politic minister will study to lull us into security by promising us the full extent of our petitions. The warm sunshine of influence would melt down the virtue which the violence of the storm rendered more firm and unyielding. In a state of tranquility, wealth, and luxury, our descendants would forget the arts of war and the noble activity and zeal which made their ancestors invincible. Every art of corruption would be employed to loosen the bond of union which renders our resistance formidable. When the spirit of liberty, which now animates our hearts and gives success to our arms, is extinct, our numbers will accelerate our ruin and render us easier victims to tyranny.”

Sound familiar?

How can these principles, and that piece of paper, save our nation in its current life-or-death struggle? Same way they always have. By limiting internal conflict to allow us to concentrate on the important things in life. Like neutralizing communists. Raising our families. Being the foundation of a strong society with our deeds, and dedication to our communities. Allowing us to become involved with our process of government. Giving those with otherwise-incompatible identities the “bond of union” that Mr Adams spoke of. It is this American culture, and nothing else… not even race… that has allowed this nation to become the most powerful in history. Yet, very few understand their place in it all.

What would our founders think, if they saw the modern American? The seats of local government, sitting empty because nobody cares to fill them? Marxists running unopposed for important local governmental positions, because nobody knows those positions even exist? How many of you can name a member of your city council? How many of you even know the duties of a city council? How many of you, or your parents, have attended a PTA meeting? Risked their reputation to stand against the Marxist educators in our schools? The coward sons and daughters of our warrior ancestors, too afraid to risk the social scrutiny that results from standing up! The only ones who take the time to fully utilize our system, are the ones who are using it against us. They understand the power our Founders gave us, and have firmly entrenched themsleves. The only solution we have, is to learn the system and take it back from the enemy. We must engage them where it counts. Memes can only do so much.

Who is the enemy? When we take up arms, it is not to oppress, or subjugate. It is to defend our countrymen against those who seek to oppress, and subjugate. Those who seek our destruction, to achieve their political, social or religious goals. Take a look at who you engage in battle, as an activist. Physically, or ideologically.  Do they seek to infringe on the liberty of others, to further their agenda? There is your litmus test. There is your enemy. No other enemies matter. No matter how much you cannot stand someone, if they stay off your lawn, they are not the enemy. They’re just different. And they are your countrymen. As you defend their right to exist, so shall they defend your right to exist. Unite against a common threat to defend the common liberty. Then, go home to live your life according to your own identity. You do not have to sacrifice that identity in the process. This is the way of the Traditional American.

Regarding the “ethnostate”… I’ve seen so many in the Alt-Right advocate the formation of an American ethnostate. But, I have never seen anyone provide a realistic path to it’s realization. Some suggest force, the forced removal or extermination of all non-whites. Some suggest the division of our Nation into individual, ethnically-defined mini nations. They speak as if they have power to accomplish this. They attempt to convince their gullible followers, that their relatively miniscule efforts will fundamentally change a 242 year old Nation of 300,000,000 people. Or, that things will naturally fall along the lines of their ideological prophesy. That the nation will self destruct, allowing a few LARPing autists to seize control of a region. They state that race will be the basis of the population, and that we will all, regardless of individual identities, live in peace and prosperity. Here is truth: if our nation fell, forces much larger than us would seize our resource-rich land, and we would be powerless against them. Or,  if we were forced to associate strictly along racial lines, should an ethno-nationalist magically take power, we would fall apart along the same divisions as the racial movements. Culture defines a people, always. Race does not always define culture.

These fantasizers fail to see that America has always been a nation of many “ethnostates”. There is nothing stopping you from forming a community, based on whatever identity you choose. As long as its voluntary. Americans have always used their freedom of association to form communities based on a common identity. Our nation was explored, settled and developed by migrations of people who were seeking to establish their own voluntary “ethnostates” in the image of their collective identity. They are invariably formed by culture. Not by race, alone. And never by force. The advocacy of force in hard-right ideology has led to its neutralizing marginalization in America for decades. Remember where you live.

Liberty is the only force that has ever successfully united all of the identities within the white race. But, it was not because of race, in itself.. it was because it created a common endeavor that was in the interest of every free citizen to participate in. Today, this unity extends to all Americans, regardless of race, who understand, honor and fight to defend these principles. Those cultures who are do not understand these principles, or seek their destruction, should not be granted citizenship. It is crucial that we stop the mass importation of cultures who are opposed to the principles of Liberty.

So, go ahead and punch right. Punch left. Punch in any direction the tyrant rears his head. We do not become tyrants in order to fight tyrants. No matter who wins that battle, we will still be ruled by tyrants. Stop trying to use government as a weapon. It doesn’t matter if the government is empowered by the right, or the left – the power we grant it will eventually be used against every one of us. It is not the job of government to regulate society. The government’s only rightful job is to defend the level playing field, so we may all engage in the animating contest of freedom. So that we may freely engage in this meritocracy. Where this system has failed, we must restore it. What the Marxist has done, we must undo. If this nation is lost, its not because the system failed, its because we failed the system. No government can save a people from their own apathy. This is our war to win, as long as we unite as free Americans.

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