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What we believe.

1. The United States Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are three of the greatest documents on government and human rights that have ever existed. The god given rights claimed within these documents have been attacked, eroded, and ignored and we demand they be fully restored.

2. America is exceptional and western culture is the most advanced product of the very best of human efforts.

3. Any attempted infringements on the second amendment are acts of treason.

4. American citizens come first. All issues related to foreign aid, immigration, and trade should be put through a referendum and their sponsors should be forced to make the case explaining how these measures benefit the American people. Not a dime should leave this country, and not a person should enter it, without majority consent of the people.

5. We wont let ourselves be divided by race or identity, and we wont let ourselves be made to feel guilty about standing up for race or identity either.

6.In a free society, consenting adults should be able to pursue whatever relationship makes them happy. They should also be able to enter into a legal marriage contract that protects them under the law. At the same time, no one should be force to condone, promote, or participate in someone elses relationship or marriage.

7. Society should have just enough laws to protect the freedom of its citizens and no more. The prosecution of victimless crimes hinders life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness far more than it secures it. We stand against the vices and addictions that plague society and feel it is in a communities best interest to help its citizens overcome these issues. At the same time, it has been conclusively proven in this country more than once, that prohibitions don’t work and prosecuting/incarcerating people who need help is a failed and cruel strategy.

8. We respect freedom of association. We consider any action taken to forcibly segregate, integrate, or restrict the movement and free association of citizens to be unconstitutional and tyrannical.

9. We believe that government works best on the smallest and most direct scale. The power and revenue allocation should be reversed between the federal and state levels with the higher share of tax money, power, and responsibility going to the individual states as opposed to the federal government… as laid out in the 10th amendment of the Constitution.

10. The first amendment isn’t nullified by hurt feelings. Freedom of speech and healthy debate are the cornerstones of a free society.


Posititon statement on the 2nd Amendment: