Florida American Guard Adds Two New Local Chapters in May

Florida, a founding AG state, is making moves in 2019.

In May, FLAG opened local chapters in the Orlando Metro area, as well as a “Heart of Florida” chapter, covering a tri-county area in the center of Florida.

State leadership is using a template that recruits patriots to open new chapters located adjacent to existing ones, in order to foster growth and mutual cooperation, and providing guidance to get them moving forward.

Recent Meetup of Jacksonville American Guard and Bold City Proud Boys

One of the powerful elements behind the success of The American Guard was its adoption of organizational principles espoused at our nation’s founding by the “anti-federalists”, who sought to decentralize power. Their views have since been vindicated by the 20/20 hindsight of history.

Each state is essentially autonomous, bound by the 4 Pillars but free to organize and innovate based on local and regional differences. FLAG is keeping that spirit alive.

Local chapters may be a city, county, or greater urban area. It makes more sense to organize a city and its surrounding bedroom communities and commuter routes as one entity, and is proving to foster the recruitment of high quality members and leadership.

Gainesville FLAG member following his oath and patching ceremony

FLAG will soon ratify a Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules. These governing documents will clearly outline the rights of members, and the responsibilities of leaders, and serve to preserve the spirit and intent of its founding members for posterity.

Existing chapters are advancing as well. The Jacksonville AG chapter recently upgraded their clubhouse. It now sits on a large property with a metal building. Construction of a new bunkhouse and setup of a t-shirt printing operation are underway. Jax AG now has room for camping if the bunkhouse fills, and more tribal space overall.

FLAG Clubhouses and other tribal spaces help revive a sense of community, and typically combine a family friendly environment and natural beauty, with icons of American innovation.

Building on the success of the template, meetings are underway in the panhandle, around Ft. Walton Beach. Georgia AG leaders who live on the state border nearby are helping their neighbor in the endeavor. Florida and Georgia are combining efforts on many fronts, keeping the nationalism in “Constitutional Nationalism”.

FLAG is actively recruiting patriots in the panhandle to fill officer posts, and is targeting Tampa Bay and Tallahassee next, hoping to have active local chapters in those two additional areas by years end.

Top- New Probationary AG Member, after taking his first oath

Bottom- Visiting California American Guard Members with Florida’s State President, before an afternoon of ballot petitioning

Are you a Floridian interested in restoring the Bill of Rights and asserting the American Identity? Read the “4 Pillars“, which carves out a set of core beliefs allowing a big tent of America’s Conservatives and Libertarians to unite and work together against Marxism and Globalism.

Bold leadership and new ideas are welcome. Contact FLAG for more information at:


FLAG and friends, coming soon to a city near you……..if they aren’t already there.

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