Did an AG Exposè Result in the SPLC Firing Morris Dees?

The Slander Pravda Lie Center fires Morris Dees citing “unspecified personal conduct” after The American Guard publicizes court papers detailing alleged molestation of his stepdaughter

By: Ryan Ramsey

After the need to maintain hate profits forced the SPLC to invent a new label for the American Guard, “general hate, we struck back.

The left wing slander machine screwed with the wrong Patriots. While constructive criticism is free speech, we pointed out the absurdity of an alleged child molester with a “poverty law center” sitting on 450 million dollars, much of it in offshore accounts, branding the American Guard, which has members of all races and both genders a “hate group”.

After publishing our response, which included links to court documents detailing allegations and detailed descriptions of sexual abuse of his stepdaughter by the founder, Morris Dees, he was fired from his own organization.

The SPLC public statements, and those from Mr. Dildo himself, cited “personal conduct”. The timing suggests that it can be for no other reason the backlash following the revelations published by America’s largest organization of Constitutional Nationalists.

It was only a few decades late, but America will take it. Here’s to Karma for a man who got so many fired from their jobs over his lies.

Don’t worry, we could retire now and be heroes, but the American Guard will stay on the job, vanquishing Marxists and enemies of our nation into the future. What a wonderful start to spring, the season of renewal.

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