The Solution To America As World Policeman

By: Ryan Ramsey

What do we do about tyranny around the globe if we abandon our role as world policeman? An answer to this is an important element of changing public opinion regarding interventionist foreign policy. Americans have a sense of justice and want to see freedom around the globe.

I do not believe for one second we would need a draft to fight Hitler, Venezuela’s Maduro, Castro, or the North Vietnamese. In fact the complicated nature of war declarations and invasions let Pol Pot get away with it, and Raul Castro, right now as I type this, is oppressing people just 90 miles from our shores.

The genius men who founded this nation had the answer. It was named after a Frenchman who believed in our cause of freedom and came to fight by the side of our founders. His name was as impressive his deeds.

Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette was considered an essential contributer to the defeat of the British in our Revolution. Some of them later went to France and returned the favor. Upon his death they shipped a barge with load of dirt from the hallowed and bloodsoaked ground of Bunker Hill to France, and Marquee de Lafayette was buried in that sacred ground.

The letter of Marquee fell into disuse, but its resurgence would allow Americans to come and go freely with arms and funds to fight evil around the world. Voluntarily we would pledge our own blood and treasure. Quite a few of my brothers and sisters in the American Guard have volunteered to join me in liberating Cuba from the Communists. 90 miles is a little too close for our comfort. We are capable, willing, and many of them are already decorated combat heroes. Currently such an effort would subject us to federal charges.

Between 2015 and 2018 as many people were enslaved in Africa and the Middle East as the entire 400 period of the Atlantic slave trade to the New World. One of my ancestors was the first Abolitionist in Scotland. I have a standing offer to lead a mission to free those slaves if I can secure financing and volunteers. What if we quit hating each other over the past and Americans of all ethnic backgrounds joined together and freed these slaves? The Marxist use of racial divisions to advance Socialism would die overnight.

It would also do alot to repair global opinion after the co-option of our government by the banksters to fight their wars for profit and resources.

I want to bring liberty to Cuba and hang Raul Castro and his associates for their crimes. I want to free millions of slaves and bring justice to modern slave traders. Why must I be labelled a criminal to do so? When Ross Perot financed a mission to free POW’s abandoned in Vietnam by the state, the CIA interfered and the men faced charges. How can we criminalize men sent to war who go back to rescue their friends the government abandoned? Reading the book about Operation Lazarus as a teenager was the first time I began to think about this concept.

If a man is compelled to stop genital mutilation in the Middle East, or stop the cultural genocide in Tibet by the Chinese, why should we stop him? Just like our founding fathers, we have a right to make a personal choice to risk our own blood and treasure in a cause we believe in. This is just as moral as it is immoral for the state to send us to war for reasons not specified in our Constitution.

Bring back the letter of Marquee.

Let those of us with the fires of liberty burning in our heart reject the straw-death and fight for truth and justice.

About the author:

Ryan Ramsey is a Navy Veteran who founded the National Libertarian Veteran Caucus.

He is Florida Vice President of the American Guard and it’s National PR Director.

In addition, the former Florida House candidate currently serves as the Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Florida.

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