Ultimate Irony

A Victim Racketeer and Race Pimp Goes Full Potato After Getting A Sample Of His Own Medicine

In the video above a Communist agitator of the worst sort whines after I doxxed him.

For many moons Jerald Savage, AKA “Dox Savage” on Twitter, made a hobby out of ruining the lives of Conservatives and Libertarians in the North East from the comfort of his home on the West Coast.

He painted himself as a Nazi fighter, bravely walking the Nazi infested streets of……… Portland and Seattle…those right wing meccas.


Marching through commie town in a Hillary t-shirt yelling “resist” is not any more brave than doing Roman salutes and yelling about Jews marching around a Confederate monument.

You are cut from the same cloth and just as hypocritical and ridiculous.

You are what you hate Jerald. You are even as fat and slovenly as the average modern keyboard fuhrer.

So Brave, In Liberal Portland and Seattle

(Jerald Even Stood Up For Gay Rights At The Bath House Once.)

Sorry to break it to the “Unite With Feds and NazBol….AKA….Unite The Right” crowd, but the Confederacy hated big government, not Jews.

Judah Philip Benjamin was a lawyer and politician who was a United States Senator from Louisiana, a Cabinet officer of the Confederate States and, after his escape to the United Kingdom at the end of the American Civil War, an English barrister.

To be fair, it sounds like there was too much going on among useful idiots who participated in the federal operation to discredit the right wing populist movement with the antics in Charlottesville.

Perhaps they were too busy having Jerry Springer style sexcapades to administer a proper Mischling Test, but Judah P. Benjamin was not an Anglo Saxon.

In the case of Jerald, he was not doxxed by Nazis, but by a Libertarian.

What you do is initiate force for social and political goals.

We take an oath against that.

We protect free speech so that our society convinces not coerces.

I do not stop at refusing to do it. I will make you stop, or anyone else.

That is what I admire about Patriot Prayer, they go where they told Conservatives are not allowed, and assert their rights.

Meanwhile you sit in your basement trying to ruin the careers of those you disagree with. You disgust me.

You got a very non-racist person fired from a lucrative job, and bragged about it, so I decided to data mine you for a couple hours.

I heard of your cowardly crusade and gave you some of your own medicine.

You see, at the time I was working to elect a black man to a high office, and doing opposition research. You seem like opposition to me.

Perhaps I should start following you around too, since you continue in your aggression.

It amused me to hear you talk about Joey’s gun.

I would carry a gun everywhere if I were you, it is a dangerous world.

I would suggest everyone do it anyways. Then we won’t need so many police, who you hate. If the cops are racist why would you want them to be the only ones with guns?

See….there is common ground…. if you quit acting like an asshole.

You made a hobby of invoking violence on people, as Tiny rightly notes.

What women and kids you ask Jerald?

Does doxxing and threatening my pregnant wife to prevent her from lawful political activity count?

It was removed by the hosting company but an ANTIFA reporter re-printed the doxxing and threats against her, myself, and others HERE.

The hope was to intimidate me from being there to be re-elected to party leadership. The leaders I was seeking to depose refused to hire security.

Even the people who did not like me before then pitched in, and we ended up registering the security guard as a Libertarian voter. Your tactics don’t work Jerald. Not only was I re-elected unanimously, she was elected State Secretary.

Now, I know you will say a baby in the womb is not really a human,

because he was not born yet.

You can fool some people with the talk of some “right to infanticide”, but it was Margaret Sanger, who was a eugenicist and the founder of the movement for convenience infanticide called planned parenthood today, that said:

We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

This year we may cross 18 million black people exterminated.

You white liberals killed 3 times as many black people as the Holocaust and called it a right, and then call me a racist.

You’re “pro Black Holocaust” not “Pro-Choice”.

Alexander, who was in her womb when she was threatened, died.

He was 6 days old.

SIDS they call it.

I gave him CPR, but it was too late.

Do I wonder if the stress of being doxxed and threatened the whole pregnancy could have made him less healthy?

You bet I do.

What you do hurts people, and it can get them killed.

Did you know that I was beaten and robbed growing up for the color of my skin? I am more Rosa Parks than Hitler if you boil it down.

Skinheads don’t magically appear, we generally begin as a couple guys who want to fight back because they have to.

Kids are not racist until the government teachers, Aka the white liberal foot soldiers of the long march, start telling the one group of kids the other is oppressing them.

Then they turn a blind eye to the violence because it brings the next generation into the scam.

I overcame that, most would probably write me a pass for not thinking highly of majorities, after what happened.

I did not though. I went so far as to leave the old movement, pledge the non-aggression oath, and engage in peaceful political activity.

I started out founding an open carry group and helped pass a law that was the centerpiece of the losing campaign of a Stalinist named Andrew Gillum who almost became our Governor.

You both probably really hate the fact that one of my inspirations was the Black Panthers in Oakland who dealt with police brutality by observing police stops open carrying.

Malcolm X gave a speech about guys like Gillum. He would have spat in your fat face.

Do you you know what I came to the LP for…as you called me a Nazi?

I promised a grieving mother of a gay kid shot to death by the police I would get justice for her son and pass a uniform body camera law. I wrote it in his name. It did not matter to me what he did in his bed, it was wrong.

For a few years I was inspiring lots of skinheads to reconsider their lifestyle. Assholes like you are the #1 reason they feel like they can never move on.

You and your ilk are the #1 reason the groups you claim to fight still grow. You know it, and you are fine with that because for 75 years you morons have been without an enemy but had to keep it going.

You think we are that dumb? If you wanted to fight fascism you would applaud us. I have a bullet in my neck Jerald. It entered through my head Jerald. It was not put there by a black or brown person asshole.

Not So Smug Now Are You……

I left the old movement because I realized my enemy was not black or brown people, but white liberals.

They realized that proletarian bullshit wouldn’t fly. So they pushed race war instead of class war to exploit our past.

Racist left wing assholes like you deported Marcus Garvey and think we are stupid. You leftists are really just mad that we stole your thunder in the 80s and 90s

Affirmative action is white supremacy enshrined in the law.

Democrats have been fighting all my life to keep racism in the law while yelling racism at their critics.

You claim that minorities are too dumb to compete without a handicap.

They were only beating me up as a kid because a white liberal piece of racist shit, like you, made them feel inferior.

The fact you do not realize that the slave master’s paternalist attitude lives on…. through you….is disgusting.

Lots of black and brown people can see it now.

They hold leadership positions in the American Guard.

We unite around restoring the Bill of Rights asserting the American Identity.

You know the scam is over and it is making you people crazy.

You know that guys like Tiny, Joey, and the American Guard are truly antifascist.

We do it without the side order of Marx.

Thre is nothing new underr the sun. Booker T. Washington talked about problem profiteers in his day, it is an age old problem.

I call you guys race pimps, because, by your own definition, you are “white privileged”, and you profit from others in your debt.

At least in Booker’s day they were black. Now its fat soft idiots from white enclaves like Mountain View Ca, and Seattle keeping hate alive to further your political goal of “equality”……. at the barrel of a gun.

A gun you want the state to wield for you because you are a pathetic coward.

Marcus Garvey said that any man who wants to give you a check wants to make you slaves again.

There was once a non-Communist civil rights movent, led by black folks, not white Communists exploiting their misery. I write about it and discuss it often.

Is is a coincidence that the same year the Democrats lost the fight for segregation, they offered a cash reward to women willing toeject a contributing male, calling it “The Great Society”?

I call it the new plantation

In 1968 85% of black children were raised in a two parent home. Today that number is roughly 25%.

Thanks for so perfectly illustrating it all for the world.

Keep up the blowhard twitter posts.

From what I see in that video Jerald, I bet you shit your pants before I ever shit the bed.

If SHARPS or ANTIFA hurt people you lie about, you’ll say you had nothing to do with it, and snicker.


Let me be clear.

I want all patriots to make sure Jerald only gets hugs and kisses.


Keep it up, you are our best PR in a while you dirty little bottom feeder.

Ryan Ramsey

National PR Director and Florida Vice President,

The American Guard

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