On Political Parties, Tribe, Culture, and Going Global

Our problems, some solutions, and a forward vision of a United Global Nationalist Resistance with the power to destroy the coming Global government and eradicate Marxism, in all its forms, from planet earth

This article is authored by Ryan Ramsey, a founding member, Florida Vice-President, and National PR Director for The American Guard. These are his personal thoughts.

The Cultural Problem

Nations are not governments, they are an organic product created by groups of people who organize societies according to their shared values expressed in what we call culture. History has shown that most governments are terrible stewards of a nation’s interests or defenders of the culture of any given nation. In fact, the worst stewards of nation and culture were the toxic governments claiming to be the vanguards of their culture in the mid 20th century. The American Guard rejects Fascism and ethno-Nationalism because they are failures that ruin the people they purport to save.

The National Socialists left Germany in ruins and half the population enslaved by Communism behind the Berlin Wall. Fascism is a reactionary movement against Communism, and Communism beat it every time. Modern Fascists are delusional and if they use tools proven to fail against proven mass murderers, the result will be catastrophic for any nation or culture.

Mussolini died a humiliating death at the hands of his enemies, and his people suffered immeasurably. Whether a drug addled Hitler died hiding across the world in Argentina, or at his own hand in Berlin as it burned, he left his people to the mercy of their enemies. 8 million German civilians were killed AFTER the war ended.

I believe the reason modern Europe is populated by the sort of beta males who would elect Angela Merkel, and sit down cross legged as they voluntarily give up their guns and pimp their kids out to grooming gangs is because the two World Wars and the aftermath left mostly the weak, disloyal and cowardly to sire today’s Socialist European voter. Meanwhile, the American identity, with its free people and free markets, destroyed both Hitler and the Soviet Union, and brought the Berlin Wall down.

The fate of Europe’s testicular fortitude in the needless wars of the 20th century is a real good reason to join us in opposing interventionist foreign policy and the US role as world police. Let our best men stay on our soil and have babies until we really need them.

The men who founded our government were explicit about limiting the role of government, and the need to maintain eternal vigilance regarding our liberties. It was to be a personal responsibility for citizens to maintain an informed electorate, as a requirement for the system they designed to function properly. There are only two choices in life, personal responsibility, or corrupt and inefficient government that constantly erodes your liberty until you either have to shoot people or wear chains.


At the core, liberty requires a sense of duty and comes with an obligation to participate. This must spring forth from the culture, and the great mass of citizens must all make an individual choice to preserve their inheritance, as well as respect the sacrifices of their ancestors enough to compel them to take time out of their lives to put in some work, in order to give the next generation the same freedom and prosperity they currently enjoy.


If you study the way our Marxist enemy undermined this Republic, you will see that they first attacked the culture, mocking things like faith, honor, duty, patriotism, and pride in ancestry and heritage. Then they used a political program to create a Democracy out of the Republic formerly known as the United States. Democracy is “The road to Socialism” according to Karl Marx himself, also known as the tyranny of the majority, or simply mob rule. Once people can use government to vote the property of others into their own pockets, it decays in short order. As we approach the end of the “Long March Through the Institutions”, the majority of the US population now receives more in benefits than they contribute in taxes. You do not have to be an economist to realize this cannot last. We were warned.

download (4).jpeg

I marvel at 300+ million Americans who all complain things are going down hill on their mobile phones as they walk by each other. Most do not even know their neighbors. They are distracted with meaningless time killers and live the most prosperous lives in human history, and are squandering those lives by leading them without higher purpose or any meaning besides the next carnal temporary pleasure.

Things like duty, honor, courage, commitment, and the fruits they bear are what gives life meaning and what bring true happiness.

That is why the most free and prosperous nation on earth is riddled with people on anti-depressants or who abuse drugs and alcohol to cover the black hole they are building where their soul used to be, using them to kill the pain of giving away what was purchased with so much blood, sweat, and tears.

The American Guard is in the business of restoring the Bill of Rights and asserting the American identity in order to give the next generation a revival in the sacred values that brought our forefathers together under one noble and unified purpose. To leave each other alone as we pursued happiness in our own way. The revolutionary idea that men should be free to live, work, and create any way they wish, as long as it does not harm another person or their property. We cannot let this idea perish from earth, and a campaign is underway to erase it forever.

images (5).jpeg


I am a founding member, and serve as state Vice-President and National Public Relations Director for the American Guard. I am also serving my third year as a county Chair and member of the state Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of Florida. In addition, I am a former candidate for Florida House of Representatives. This has given me a unique vantage point to see the big picture.

I have determined that a political reformation AND a revival of our culture and sense of tribe are both necessary requirements for restoring America to liberty and long term prosperity. If we do not restore the sense of tribe and community, along with a concurrent cultural revival, no political reform can save us. This restoration is the key to enacting the political reforms we need, by creating private safety nets and solutions that work, to replace government solutions that fail.

The ideals that gave birth to the principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights are rooted in a respect for our creator, and concepts such as honor and duty. The fertile ground for Marxism is a nation that has abandoned faith and the unspoken obligation of men to take care of their family and community.

When men hold certain ideals more important than their own lives, we do not see the sort of problems we face today.  We take our oath on steel and pledge our lives when we join the American Guard for a reason. The promotion of a godless materialism, apathy, critical theory, and disregard for our ancestry and heritage were the fruit of purposeful programs instituted by those seeking to destroy our liberty and control us.

In light of these facts, I have determined that a purposeful and specifically dedicated program to restore the culture and rekindle a sense of tribe and community must be created. It must be organized in a voluntaryist manner, whereby we choose to dedicate ourselves to this cause as individuals. We should work local, but have the strength of national organization. Ideally we would learn from the lessons the anti-Federalists and the political failures had taught us. We need to gather around fires as our ancestors had for millenia, and feel the power in honest and purposeful organization to a common noble goal.

While certain goals are political to an extent, the goal is to restore the Bill of Rights and assert the American identity once more. A nation like no other, bound by an ideal of respect for life and private property. Forged from iron into steel and purchased with the blood of men who were willing to make the commitment to fight for each others rights against any foe. We must make an oath to a cause greater than our lives, and we should do it as our ancestors would have, by the light of torches and pledged on steel.

I found out there were men and women like me all over this great nation. They founded The American Guard with me. On our 1 year anniversary we had 25 states chartered with full sets of officers. We have musicians and elected officials, activists and artists. Open to all citizens willing to rally around 4 pillars, those core beliefs that form the American identity and unite us all. We will advance it, not just defend it, and we will rekindle forgotten virtues like fidelity, honor, courage, duty, and civic responsibility.

We don’t need the government, and eliminating demand is the best way to reduce something undesirable, lets take care of each other.

The Political Problem


Before I begin this portion, allow me to state that the American Guard has Libertarians, Independents, and Republicans. When I refer to a party I do not refer to their voters, but to the corrupt leaders in DC and state houses that lie to voters and cheat them out of a future. The bulk of America has no desire to invade people or place us under the control of banksters in Europe, or worry about what you do in your free time.

My journey started with trying to reform the Republicans, and upon seeing they were bought and sold, I moved into single issue advocacy, becoming a founding member of one of the most successful gun rights groups in the country and helping push their first major bill through committee. It was signed into law, but not before important provisions were removed by a Republican Senator.

My realization that the Conservatism the RINO’s killed was still alive came via Ron Paul, and a talk show host named Neil Boortz from Atlanta. This led to feeding a voracious book habit with the likes of Bastiat, Ayn Rand, Hayek, Rothbard, Mises, and the like. I determined that the only way to fix the political process was to put competition into the mix, and decided to organize a barren 9 county region for the LP in Florida.

If you have a way to reform the Republicans, or a big enough cadre of independents, great! Let’s build a coalition. The AG is purposefully not a party, it is dedicated to the other side of the equation, although I always encourage members to run for local office…. where it matters. The AG welcomes those of any party who agrees with the pillars.

The amount of drama and vitriol I deal with serving as an officer for the Libertarian Party has been pretty eye opening. I have been slandered, smeared, hacked, threatened, doxxed, accused of threatening the people who threatened and doxxed me, and put on the terror watch list….all for the crime of pledging not to initiate force for social or political goals and trying to get a body camera bill in the name of Jason Westcott introduced and signed into law. My quest to find justice for a dead gay man put me in the crosshairs of the SPLC and ADL and Communists calling themselves anti-Fascists.

My first two years were spent rooting out an infestation of neo-Marxist infiltrators acting as controlled opposition, and petty egoists that were a remnant of the days when the party was so small anyone could get a title. During the first year of the new regime, we registered as many new voters as the previous 4 years combined. I have a meeting next week aimed at founding my 5th county affiliate and hold the record for most created by any Region Rep in Florida history.

I often wonder how much more could I have achieved without being called a Nazi in the press every day by some of the worst human beings imaginable, constant Facebook mass reports and bans, and creative harassment. It finally culminated in an attempt to throw me out for a made up offense after I was severely injured in a motorcycle crash. I wrecked while distraught over the death of my infant son 3 weeks earlier from SIDS. Soon after, a hurricane hit Florida bad leaving me with no electricity for 3 weeks. They finally gave up after they lost that attempt, and the puppet masters recalled their agent.

It turns out that this is the norm, and has been since day one. Unfortunately we have

fallen into the worst nightmare of the men who wrote the rule of law in this country.

[The spirit of party] serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another.

~ George Washington, Farewell Address, September 19, 1796.

The Republican Party has not even PROPOSED a balanced budget since 1994, roughly a quarter century ago, while its leadership call themselves “Fiscal Conservatives”. In Florida, the State House of Representatives with 2/3 of seats controlled by the Republicans, passed sweeping gun control that disarmed all adults 18-21.

If Rick Scott, AKA 2A Judas, wins his race for US Senate, he will be appropriating the 45 billion dollar annual cost of a war in Afghanistan. It was started to get revenge on one of our own former agents, Osama Bin Laden, who has been dead since 2011 when his corpse was dumped in the ocean. Much of this money will be spent to purchase machine guns and select fire weapons, rockets, fuel, bombs, armor and high grade electronics to be operated and maintained by men and women who are still there fighting a war on our behalf that Rick Scott says are too irresponsible to exercise a fundamental right listed in the Second Amendment. Let that sink in.

I was forced to bring back an age old tradition of tarring and feathering politicians, hand delivering the worst offenders the “Tar and Feather Enemy of Freedom Award”, after my failed attempt to stop them from raping the 2A. The only thing left to do was march around their businesses with pitchforks. The trillion dollar debt that everyone lost their mind over when Obamacare passed was topped this year, pushed through in a routine budget by the GOP. The same people who were building bunkers over Obamacare praised the Congress for a temporary tax cut.

We have reached a point where the establishment Republicans opposed Obama with Romney, a guy who instituted government forced health insurance in Massachusetts before Obama thought of it. Romney also banned assault rifles, which even Comrade Obama could not get done. McCain was merely a left winger with an (R).

Donald Trump was opposed tooth and nail by the establishment, by what I used to call RINO’s before I left. This element within the GOP works with a cabal of Democratic Socialists to undermine the most important aspect of his policy, and the area I agree with him most, getting us out of NATO and UN scams and the role of world police, AKA “America First”. I realized that my own party fought so much because leftists are such hateful and entitled people in general, and the rest of us find them insufferable. Actual libertarians can get along with anyone but Socialists/Communists.

The toxic nature of the 2 party system can be illustrated in remarkable fashion here in the Sunshine State. I watch in awe and wonder as the the rabid Trump fans/voters all line up behind the original “Never Trumper”, Florida Governor Rick Scott. His lame duck swing left to try and gain a Senate seat completely sold out Florida’s gun owners. I tried to warn everyone HERE in the Wall Street Journal, but just to prove my point, they did not even primary him because he had so much money and winning was more important than principles. Scott refuses to even say Trump’s name. Yet voters here say “Never Nelson”, or “we cannot let the Democrats win”, because the Democrats will undermine Trump.

The campaign to write in Charlton Heston for US Senate, and send them a message gun control makes you politically DOA faces vitriol from gun rights activists who put party loyalty over their own cause. The party that killed every open carry bill since my first trip there in 2010/11 session where I successfully helped get the bill through committee, only to see a Republican Senator sabotage it. I say the left wins either way in the Florida Senate race, and I will be joining those writing in Heston, and I say that political parties who abandon their ideals are not worthy of our vote or loyalty.

download (3).jpeg

Competition is the solution, so I am taking it upon myself to abolish the evils of our current system. I intend on wresting power back to the states from the federal government, and to localities from the state government.  There are many misconceptions about Libertarianism. I like Reagan’s simplicity here:

Perhaps you have another means of political reform besides my plan to make the sequel to “Make America Great Again” into “Make America Free Again”, if it accomplishes the goals outlined in the 4 pillars, I wish you luck. Just take away from this the idea the massive regulation and government intrusion into our lives must be broken.

A Vision of a United Global Nationalist Revolution Against Globalist Tyranny

I first began to realize that there were people like me in every country and state before the founding of the American Guard. I decided to find them and interview them and started a podcast called Global Dissident Voices.

I met Victor in Venezuela, as the nation was collapsing under the weight of Marxism. There was Dan Roodt in South Africa, where the government claimed anti-racism, but was proposing to confiscate the property of all white people. They have since signed it into law. I met Jessica and Khaleel from Wisconsin after Marxist faculty members advocated violence against Jessica for a paper she wrote about the 5 most useless classes on campus which included some SJW drivel.

Across the world there are people who may have a different culture and religion, but still hold similar values of respect for their own unique heritage, and the courage to defend it. They also face the same enemy that I do, the delusional and murderous devotees of Marx and Engles who seek genocide and call it diversity.

Someone sent me this Vietnamese Rap song called “Fuck Communism” and as the English translation went across the screen, I saw a kindred spirit in his own land facing the same struggle. Mute it if you must and read these lyrics. I saw a comment from Croatia – on the Vietnamese anti-Communist Rap Video – that was encouraging them.



I have always used the example of the American Indian to explain the importance of Nationalism for the preservation of liberty. Had they had a national means of organizing they could have sent us back to Europe. Lacking modern communications and hindered by old territorial beefs and rivalries, they never united under a larger circle of loyalty for the basic function of preservation. One by one, each was picked off, until they were no more. They outnumbered Europeans here, but were destroyed tribe by tribe, not realizing their mutual self interest.

They want to wipe out Tibetan culture the same as Southern US culture. I recognize the Armenian Genocide whether or not the US government will. The destruction of historical monuments here serves the same purpose as when the Ottoman Turks did it to the Armenians. My ancestors fought the federal government for the same reasons the colonists fought England. Why can’t Quebec be its own country with its own language?

They reality of our situation is a murderous cabal of social engineers who print the money and control the political process in much of the world. They ultimately seek a global racial and cultural genocide in hopes of creating a uniform population of credit slaves with no heritage, tribe, tradition, religion, or history. Orwell was dead on when he wrote of the memory hole.

An easy to control disarmed population with nothing they hold above their own lives or carnal self interest. No brave heroes to honor, no God to serve. Nothing but their master.

I think we face global slavery and that we should consider the idea of a guard in every country dedicated to whatever sacred principles, faith, and culture is under attack there. While being totally sovereign, in fact dedicated to remaining so, we could foster a global Nationalist resistance that was coordinated but decentralized. I think it may be the only way to fight a global beast with all the money and power on its side.

I do not know exactly how it will work but if I can interview people in Venezuela I can certainly network and coordinate with others to create a movement to resist. More importantly light those “brush fires of liberty in the hearts and minds of men” that Thomas Paine spoke of. It brings to mind another Hamilton quote;


Recently I was talking with my friend Mugabe John Socrates who is a libertarian leader in Uganda. They are building their own city based on their ideals, carving it out of the wilderness. He spoke to me of being inspired as a boy by America and our freedoms to begin his work.

I remember the Cubans sent to the gulag  for opening the Benjamin Franklin library in Havana. We began a campaign to demand their release, and send them aid. They responded by founding a Libertarian Party in Cuba the weekend of our 2017 Convention as we elected a Cuban-American Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. They later said our publicity kept them from being tortured in the gulag and we secured their release.

If we can keep people from being tortured by Communists with an online and direct aid campaign, and if the mere existence of our Bill of Rights inspired a boy to grow up and build a city to live free under self governance in Uganda, just among people I know, perhaps we can use our position of inspiration and influence to foster a global decentralized resistance that could one day see the devils who own the international banks relocated to the same trench they dumped Osama Bin Laden in. Finally we could mete out justice to the evil men who start all the wars, and who thought they would kill our nations off one by one.

What if the act of preserving our own cultures in our own nations against the Globalist attacks on them, bolstered by the power of a global network inspired by the American Guard, could result in eliminating the plague of Marxism from the planet forever?

What if the respect the varied nations of the world earned for each other in the process of voluntary cooperation to rid the world of Communism ushered in a new era of world peace, personal liberty, prosperity, and free trade that mankind has always worked for?

What if it was there all along and just waiting for us to take it?



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